30 Days of Art: Day 5 (Ladies First)

30 days of art

A Little Thoughtfulness

“A Little Thoughtfulness”

Wow, we are at the end of the “Women” series already.  That seems fast!

When I began this series I didn’t realize that the women and the poses I had chosen expressed some of my own thoughts on what an ideal woman would be like or what qualities a woman should possess. Dangerous ground if there ever was some. I’m kind of scared to write anything further because suggesting what a woman “should” be would have to come with so many “but in this case/circumstance there is an exception”  I could never write it all accurately. At the end of it all women and people are so much more complex and they strongly resist by nature being put into a box.

Of all the qualities I think a woman would do well to possess “A Little Thoughtfulness” is probably the most virtuous and valuable asset.I’d like to imagine what life would be like if I lived it a little more mindfully. A little more aware of other people’s expereinces, a little more careful about the things I say, a little more aware of life…

Food for thought??


One thought on “30 Days of Art: Day 5 (Ladies First)

  1. But I like it when you enter dangerous territory. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – it’s YOUR blog to express what YOU think! IT’s just that – your opinion. And you own it as such. If people don’t like it, they can come back another day!

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