30 Days of Art: Day 9 (Flower’s Parade)

30 days of art


One of my favourite things about painting flowers is their shapes. Soft, rounded edges. Dips and curves. The way the light changes the colour of a petal.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the feeling of my brush waltzing on the canvas that I stray away from the original shape, colour, size , whatever that a flower may have and wander off on my own flights of fancy.

If you’re wondering – this painting is based on a yellow wildflower called “Cinquefoil”.


One thought on “30 Days of Art: Day 9 (Flower’s Parade)

  1. Laura — Bravo to you for this challenging art project! You have been busy but I am reminded of Robert Motherwell, who painted over 100 “gestures” on large roll-out paper every day to that the act of painting became second nature, like breathing. Good luck and also good luck with Etsy. I have thought about doing Etsy — it’s just a matter of finding time these days.

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