30 Days of Art: Day 20 (Shoes!)

30 days of art



Have you noticed the loose boots  the girls are wearing with leggings?  I think they are the exclamation point for an outfit that is mostly sleek, legging coated legs. They provide the contrast.

I had fun with this painting – playing around with a more illustrative style than I would ordinarily attempt.

Do you know what the biggest surprise that this 30 day challenge has brought me?

The realization that I can really be who I am with my paintings. I can be girly, or philosophical or just generally interested in the details of life.

I guess for a long time I thought that to be successful as an artist I had to find away to fit myself into a mold that I thought would appeal to almost everybody.

That’s a little bit crazy when you think about it. And in some ways I was pulling myself apart – avoiding some topics completely while trying to force myself into others that I wasn’t sure really fit me well.

There is a fine balance between valuing outside feedback and challenging yourself to be even more true to yourself as an artist. And if there is a short cut to figuring that stuff out I haven’t found it yet.

Thanks for being part of my journey.



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