30 Days of Art: Day 23

30 days of art

Relaxed small acrylic painting of an asian style tea cup “Relaxed”


These small, palm sized tea cups are a part of my personal collection. They spread the warmth of the tea through the palms of your hands and it seeps into your whole body. The heat can loosen tight muscles and the tea can relax the knots in your mind.

Following that idea – this painting is in a very “relaxed” style.

Could you do me a favour? If I ever suggest a series of round-ish objects again where symetry is important SHAKE ME!

The sketches come out beautifully but somewhere in the middle of the painting process one side decides to be unique throwing everything off.  I could only finish this painting after I decided to loosen up. Its not perfect, but the colours are beautiful.


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Art: Day 23

  1. Laura — I like your tea cup series! And your words convey that you have a love for these cups which shows in your paintings. I know what you mean about the “round” issue — one side always seems not to cooperate! Maybe shoot for square and the round will emerge?!

    1. At this point anything is worth a shot! Thanks for the tip and the encouragement – I have been getting a little frustrated with this series.

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