Interview with… ME!

Glamorous Life of an Artist

This is a change for me – usually I am on the other side of the interviewing process! But I am totally honoured to be a part of the Chatham-Kent Etsy team (my home town although I now live in London Ontario – hence LONDON Art Girl) And it was fun to be interviewed – as well as a chance to learn how to ask great questions when I talk to people here.

I was interviewed in Decemeber 2009 but I don’t think I ever posted the link here. (Shame on me!)If you’re curious about me and how I got motivated to start painting and selling my work online at you can take a peek at the ckhandmademarket blog .  There are also lots of other fun people you can read about who do everything from quilting and jewelry to printing your favourite photos on almost anything you can imagine.

There really are lots of fun people in this etsy group.  And out there in general. Right now I’m practicing getting involved  as you probably already know if you’ve been around for a little while.  It is so worth it.  People really are fun and they have some great ideas and are really generous. They’re worth the time you put into them.


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