Gearing up for Sunfest 2010


What do mafia men, muses, pin ups and poppies have to do with each other?

Not much – except that they are the subjects of a series of 5×5 inch paintings created especially for Sunfest, this weekend (July 8-11th) here in lovely London, Ontario.

The last strokes have been layed down, paintings have been numbered, wired and packed. Inventory records are up to date, photographs have been taken.

Everything is ready to start. If you’ve been around at all you may have even seen some of the in process videos that I have shot while painting these tiny art works.

Each of these paintings is specially priced for this weekend only at $20 each – making it super easy to take home a piece or a few pieces of original art to add to your collection. After this weekend the prices will be going up.

If you are a deal hunter, or you just want to say “hi!” drop by the “Artists United” tent to check out the art and expose yourself to new ideas – afterall – it’s not just my work in the tent, but the work of 13 other lucky artists.


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