Day 12: Just Like a Child: A Place in Her Heart

100 Paintings 100 Days

A Place in Her Heart- Laura TetraultCan you forget your first best friend? The one who goes everywhere with you – who is always complicit in your best adventures, the one who is born perfect and through hair cuts and hugs, mud pies and tree climbing gets shabbier and more beautiful as the months pass.

My first best friend was my beloved W – and W isn’t a  short form, it was her name. For my eldest, the best friend is Special Baby.

I tend to think that since we hold them (dolls, bears, best friends) so close as children that the tendrils of our childhood wrap around tiny faces, and through hair or fur so that when we hold them as adults the tendrils reach out and brush against our memories.

Enjoy this attempt at catching memories – its like grasping butterflies that dissolve into sand at first touch.


Ps. – If you’d like to send me some inspiration, post a photo you have taken of a special child in your life – just being a kid. In the next few days I will sketch the photos posted on my fan page and choose some to become subjects for paintings

Click “photos” on the update status bar to post on the page.


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