Day 26 Gatsby Girl

100 Paintings 100 Days

Day 26 Gatsby Girl

Gatsby Girl by Laura Tetrault

Challenge… lay a wet in wet wash on your paper. After it has dried place random bits of drafting tape on the painting and then sketch and paint over the tape. Move the tape if you like.

I like the concept of this challenge – maybe more than its out come. I played and played and played around with this. Moved tape. Painted over taped spots. Painted around taped spots. Added colour. Added more colour. And when I removed the tape…. hmmm. wha wha wha whaaaaaaa!

This time I ended up using a pre-cut mat to find a composition that I liked. ┬áIn the end I thought this painting worked out ok – it doesn’t look like something I would do. But I think that major disaster and epic failure has been avoided. It was definitely experimental!


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