Day 43: Dreamscapes Series: Dreams, Clouds and Castles

100 Paintings 100 Days

Day 43: Dreamscapes: Dreams, Clouds and Castles


I was still travelling when I created this piece. The fiery girl with the wind taking her thoughts above the clouds came first.

I find these pieces are ones that I just have to sit down and start somewhere. Each line, each mark leads to the next mark, which leads to the first glimmer of an idea, which leads to a form taking shape.

I’ve been listening to the audio book series Game of Thrones and I can’t help wondering if it is influencing my work. I always think of the part of the series where Daenerys rescues all the slaves and the Unsullied in the desert lands when I look at this art piece. I can kind of see that here. A stormy maiden, a desert like atmosphere, heat created by the colours… or I could just be totally out there and really needing to take a break from my latest book obsession…. 🙂


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