Day 44: Dreamscapes Series: As the White Crow Flies

100 Paintings 100 Days

Day 44: Dreamscapes: As the White Crow Flies

This looks to me like a Japanese woodcut print. I just got new markers. My favourite drawing pen died on me while I was travelling so I *had* to go searching down the pen aisle at Michaels for a replacement. And I am ever on the look out for a white pen that actually works nicely over paint.

I think I’ve found it.

Creating this piece was really meditative for me. It was a little trickier to get started since I was working over an old painting that I never completed. It didn’t have the nice gaps and breaks created by the white space and image transfers in my sketchbook. I think that is where the pen came in. I knew there needed to be white in the composition so instead of painting it in in a block I drew it in instead.


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