Day 59: Skyline Series : Ottawa

100 Paintings 100 Days

There is something about Ottawa. It is like old world castles played chicken with modern buildings designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. The problem is that nobody moved. There are ornate stone worked churches smashed into smooth black glassed structures. It was the oddest thing, as I wandered the streets.

But my favourite thing – was how the city was designed to be viewed from the water. The buildings on the river don’t have an ugly backside.  The back is equally beautiful  and this view is actually the back of part of the parliament buildings.  Go figure – even politics can be beautiful and fairytale like when the world is watching 🙂

I think the storybook quality that the buildings have inspired the colour choices for this painting. Let’s pretend for a moment, shall we, that beautiful, heroic things happen in places like this. Less name calling and mudslinging, and more noble things. That light shines in the halls and there are lovely little alcoves, not for plotting, but for resting in.

It could happen, right?

This painting is also available in my etsy shop.


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