Continuing on with the 100 paintings ~ Day 66: Stillness

100 Paintings 100 Days

painting, figure painting, acrylic art, Laura Tetrault, Laura Tetrault artist

Day 66: Stillness

Where were we before I fell off the face of the earth? … ah yes, Stillness, Day 66. She’s kind of fitting for January, looking ahead to something unseen. She has paused at this perch, but looks prepared to move as soon as a flash of opportunity appears.


This was a fun painting to create – it is mixed media 🙂 wink wink!

I texturized the surface of the watercolour with Golden’s coarse moulding paste. It is rough and scratchy, almost like a sandpaper. Then after it dried, I grabbed one of my artist pens and drew in the woman. I’m not convinced that the surface was all that kind to my marker, so if you try it, be prepared for that! Washes of acrylic paint finished it up. I do like the chance to put things together in new ways. What could you combine for new results?


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