Day 74: Grace

100 Paintings 100 Days

mother and child, woman, baby, infant, comfort, Laura Tetrault artist

Day 73 Grace

I don’t know if I really meant for it to be this way, but I find the paintings of this week are inspired by family photos.

I think that finding a way into my work is really important. So working with my own photos bypasses the part of the process that I go through – looking for the story, for the connection to what I am doing.

This painting, I challenged myself to a super simple palette – three colours only. And I love the way it turned out.

Have you ever tried using a limited palette- or limiting yourself to very simple things for a short period of time? How did it work out for you.



One thought on “Day 74: Grace

  1. I never understand the “like” totals on blogs. Some bloggers post other people’s photographs with some trite nonsense and get 100 likes. then u post some relatively amazing ORIGINAL artwork and you now have 2 likes. I think its a symptom of the gradual homogenization and dumbification of our society. We are spoonfed “Three and a Half Men” sitcom humor, “American Idol” music, and “Regis and Kathy-Lee” social commentary, none of which is harmful by itself, but when u take a step back and realize that 90% of intellectual / artistic / pyschological content we receive is corporate least-common-denominator drivel, it is scary to think about where we may be headed. Keep painting please!

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