Day 77: The View From Here

100 Paintings 100 Days

female art, figure painting, laura tetrault artist, acrylic paintng, 5x7 inch painting

Day 77: The View From Here

Are you the type to open doors left partly ajar? How ’bout drawers or old cabinets left unlocked? What would you do with a secretaries’ desk? Would you have to know if the top opens smoothly?

I would!

I open boxes, peek around corners, and try to see the world in as many different ways as possible. So far the worst thing that has ever happened to me from opening a box is an explosion of pink dye on white shorts. Obviously, not enough to deter me!

That’s part of the naming of this painting. The girl is looking through a series of openings – but where on earth is “here”?


PS – want to see a gallery of all the painting in this series? Drop by my Facebook Fan page.


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