Laura Tetrault

Hi there!
Welcome to the place where the backstory gets told. I believe that people are made up of stories, like puzzle pieces. This is a piece of my puzzle.

Laura Christeen Tetrault (that’s me) was born in early August, to a family who homeschooled when nobody knew what that was. Curiosity was encouraged, the questions that go with curiosity only slightly less so. I was and still am curious about everything, so that could very quickly add up to a lot of questions.

My artist training began with favorite pages in Berenstain Bears books (Sister Bear’s kindergarten room jumps to mind). For me, art is the best combination of curiosity, story and beauty so a picture book’s pages are a logical place for that love to start. I’ve never lost that early love, in fact I followed it all the way to selecting my path through school.  Art and English Literature were my majors in university. All that time, I wavered in between my two loves until one day, standing on a floor covered with paint stains and charcoal dust, I realized that I could have story and paint if I combined them on a canvas.

Contemporary impressionism is the best way to sum up my style of painting. It is based on the work of the impressionists, but takes inspiration from the romantics and also more more modern artists like Lisa L Cyr, Pam Carricker,  Robert Burridge and Paul Gaugin.   Click here to see examples of my people paintings, cityscapes and my flights of fancy.

My paintings are imaginative people stories, full of light and color. I take my own photos, change the color, omit the details that don’t interest me, add some spontaneity and a few things that only exist in my imagination. When I get to the end, the painting tells the story of a moment. I also take time to create custom paintings with client’s memories and photos. If you want to know how it all worked out you can take a peek at my reviews.

My palette and materials are chosen with great care. The paints are lightfast, artist quality acrylics, which means that they will not fade, or change color like inexpensive paint colors. I use 10 oz pre-primed cotton canvas, professionally stretched over museum depth kiln-dried bars. The kiln dried wood resists warping, and the museum depth allows the paintings to be hung in the contemporary style without a frame. My papers include 140lb watercolor paper, 100 lb mixed media papers, and hot pressed bristol, all of which are acid free and resist buckling, wrinkling and accept the acrylic paints beautifully.

To see how it all comes together, stop by and visit my shop.

Artfully Yours,

Laura Tetrault



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Laura,

    I wish twitter would let you express yourself in more than 140 characters! Part of the allure of the pin up was actually the face – the were beautiful women, very made up. I love how your paintings ‘Just a moment’? and ‘conversation’ are faceless, ambiguous. We can connect with them. The ‘pin up’ is different , that is part of why the last painting also works – her hair gives her a more glamorous feel

  2. Hi Laura,

    I wish twitter would let you express yourself in more than 140 characters! Part of the allure of the pin up was actually the face – the were beautiful women, very made up. I love how your other paintings [just a moment and conversation] are faceless, ambiguous. We can connect with them, we can see ourselves The ‘pin up’ is different- it almost has to have a face, they were glamour girls, that is part of why the last painting also works – her hair gives her a more glamorous feel. Hope this helps.

  3. I enjoy the flow and energy of your site and art. I have made a link on my blogroll. I am a beginner painter although I have been dabbling for many years. I am trying to find something that has been missing in my life since my children left home and me. I am going back to art. I was discouraged from painting at high school by my parents at a time when art came naturally and was my passion. I need to find that passion and love again. I have just finished a bookmaking class as well…for my poetry. Re-learning what the different mediums feel like again and learning to listen to myself is my new direction. Your art has inspired me. I might have some questions for you at some stage… Thank you. Jx

    1. Hey thanks for letting me know! Good luck exploring your creativity 😉 Whatever you choose to do, make time to practice every week – if you can do it everyday you are even better off. The more you work at it, the more attuned your mind is to the idea of creating work. I’m not sure it gets easier necessarily, but I find I get less mental resistance to starting.

      And thanks for the link 🙂

  4. I try to sketch or something everyday, but some days are difficult. Some days it’s difficult to do anything. But I love your work. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Hi Laura,

    I am just passing through to say, you are such an amazing artist. I am so I glad I have found your website. I really love your work. It is so expressive and I love the colours. Loved it.

  6. Hi Laura,

    The painting challenges you give yourself have inspired me to try and paint every single day, even if it is for only half an hour. I particularly like your Abstract II and Abstract III paintings, as I am primarily an abstract painter myself. The depth and energy you have created in those two paintings (as well as many others) is spot on. Keep up the good work!


    p.s. Here is a link to my blog i recently started. I blog about my artwork, which is mostly painting at the moment — http://passthebrush.wordpress.com/

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