How To Buy My Art

August's Glory

Prices, paintings and all the info you need about shipping is there. Please take a minute to drop by LondonArtGirl on Etsy to see the new paintings for sale. Paypal is the main method of payment for international purchases. If you live in the US you can now use your credit card directly through Etsy  – it is super easy!

I sign each painting by hand on the front (LT) and include an individual authenticity number, title and full signature on the back. (signed “Laura Tetrault”)

All my paintings come with a one-year money back guarantee – so if for any reason within the first year you fall out of love with your new art I will gladly refund your money. Unfortunately, I cannot be responsible for the return shipping costs.

For more info on my paintings and getting them from me to you keep reading!


I’ve seen something I absolutely love, how do I contact you?

untitled-iiiPost a comment to any of the posts on the blog and I will be sure to get back to you. If you prefer something a little more private send me an email to: lauratetrault (at) gmail (dot) com.

I notice that you do commissions, how long does it take to complete a  painting and what do you charge?

Black TieCommissions and wedding  paintings  based on a photo you love (and have permission to use of course!), take  approximately 6-8 weeks each from beginning to end. You get several pose sketches and you select one. Then I create several colour sketches and the one you like the best comes to life on canvas.  You get input at 50%, 70% and 90% of the way complete so you know you are going to open art you already love. Once the painting is finished it will get a special UV varnish that will take one week to cure before it can be shipped.

Cost is relative to the size of canvas you choose for your commissioned art work whether the subject is you or your favorite flowers. Current prices are available in my Etsy shop.

These prices reflect national shipping prices from my studio in Chicago to anywhere in the US. For shipping to Canada a general rule of thumb is add about $5 for smaller paintings and $10 for larger.  For European and International shipping or to request UPS or FedEx please ask for a quote. 

I’m not sure I can afford an original painting… what can I do to get some art up on my walls?:* All you need to know about prints, canvas reproductions, art cards, even stickers is there. Drop by and check it out.


P.S. For more info on how to welcome art into your home or apartment drop by my how to care for art page 🙂


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