Day 91: Carnival

100 Paintings 100 Days
Day 91: Carnival

Day 91: Carnival

Imagine yourself as a young child – 5-8 years old. And you have an ALL RIDES PASS and parents who are committed to let you close the place down.

When I was painting this, I was thinking about my little girls excitement, my oldest got her first taste of freedom. She rode the ride with a friend while the mommies watched. And she was sooo excited.  What do you think – did I catch the feeling?


Day 73: Paused … Briefly

100 Paintings 100 Days
Day 73: Paused ... Briefly

Day 73: Paused … Briefly

What is it like to have so much energy coursing through you all the time? What is it like to always be curious about the world, to always be noticing things? Would it be wonderful or overwhelming?

What if you lived life in this sort of colour?

Day 62: Play Series: Adventurers

100 Paintings 100 Days

Day 62 AdventurersSometimes you just get lucky with your camera. If you take enough photos, draw enough sketches, paint enough paint splatters, in the midst of all the sheets of paper, you’ll find something that really grabs you.

This painting is based on a photo of my daughter, Chloe and her friend. They had climbed on top of the play structure and the photo captured them in a moment of dramatic vision. Will they storm the walls, grow wings and fly off to adventure?? Have they sighted land and treasure, or a secret jungle path? What they see I can’t say, but I can show you what I see – and maybe what you see will spark some of your own early memories. What is it like to feel like this?

Since I was feeling rather adventurous myself, I incorporated a pretty sheet of paper into the painting. I buy these lovely hand made papers, with colours and patterns and I get them home and I look at them and I love them. And I am too intimidated by them to do anything with them.  I ended up painting over it somewhat and then repainting the original lines but in the end I think it worked.

Need some adventure? This painting is for sale here.

Day 20 : Explorer

100 Paintings 100 Days

Day 20 Explorer

I love little boys – adventurers, fearless explorers, mud crawlers, and backyard comedians. Where are you coming from and what has caught your eye, I wonder?

Today’s painting is the last in the series of children – and perhaps the most focused on the face – after all, what else is there in this photo?

I have found my best drawings and paintings are ones that have clear shadows that make some sort of sense. Shadows give me an idea of the shapes beneath them and somehow drawing shadows seems a little easier. Some would say that is because my brain isn’t getting in the way and drawing what IT THINK IS THERE instead of what really is. A shadow shape is abstract. A face is not. My brain sees it and says “oh, a face! I know what that is. I know all about drawing those.”

Today most of the face was in the shadow cast by the hat so I had to make up the face a little bit. What do you think – how did I do?


Day 17: A Girl And Her Curls

100 Paintings 100 Days

Today’s painting is of a girl who is a little older than the babies and toddlers I’ve been doing. But it was a fun change. I did make some progress on the nitpicking thing I mentioned yesterday – not perfect but improvement and I’ll take it!

One other thing that is different – heavy use of green – a colour I don’t often use as a primary colour in my compositions. Why is it that some colours can present more difficulty than others? Is it just that I am less familiar with them? What do you think?

day 17 A Girl and Her Curls

Day 16: Do You See What I See?

100 Paintings 100 Days

Today was something new- although that could apply to many of these days so far. This time I attempted two children in the same painting.

I love the little girl’s finger pointing in the grass and how her brother gets in front of her just a little to get a better look.

It was also a switch to do smaller faces again after having a rather OCD time with faces over the last few days. I am lucky I wasn’t dreaming about painting faces – although that has been known to happen on occasion! I thought it would be easy switching back, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought and I got lost a time or two.

I need to give myself stricter time limits – otherwise I tend to overwork things that I like and that are working just fine. Nit picking will be the death of me I think. If I am still doing it at day 100 I may just be incurable ( and have to join a 12 step program or something).

I’ve included a detail shot because I’m not convinced that the full photo shows the interesting things going on in the figures that well.  What do you think?

Enjoy 🙂

Day 16 Do You See What I See by Laura TetraultDay 16 Do You See What I See by Laura Tetrault

Day 15 – Sweet Day Dreams

100 Paintings 100 Days


Day 15 Sweet Day Dreams by Laura Tetrault













I’m still playing post catch up – today is actually Day 16 – so I will post this painting and today’s painting pretty close together.

Sometimes I get lucky and find an instant connection to my subject. I think that the better I can imagine who the person is that I am painting, the better I tell the story with paint.

I have a baby girl right now and also a love for big flowers on small girls:)  She looks so thoughtful – this kind of thoughtfulness seems to come in brief moments so somebody had the camera out and ready to catch this pose.

Enjoy the moments today.


Day 13: Make A Wish

100 Paintings 100 Days

Just realized that even though this was painted a few days ago- I didn’t get a chance to upload it here. I love this pose – it is so unscripted and childlike. I love his little fists and the way that children make efforts to get really close to what they are interested in.

Day 13 LauraTetrault Make A WishThis painting is on claybord – and it has a super smooth surface, which was a challenge and a blessing at the same time. Working on it reminded me of some of the effects that you can get with watercolour – so I incorporated them into this little sketch.

How do you think it turned out?

Day 12: Just Like a Child: A Place in Her Heart

100 Paintings 100 Days

A Place in Her Heart- Laura TetraultCan you forget your first best friend? The one who goes everywhere with you – who is always complicit in your best adventures, the one who is born perfect and through hair cuts and hugs, mud pies and tree climbing gets shabbier and more beautiful as the months pass.

My first best friend was my beloved W – and W isn’t a  short form, it was her name. For my eldest, the best friend is Special Baby.

I tend to think that since we hold them (dolls, bears, best friends) so close as children that the tendrils of our childhood wrap around tiny faces, and through hair or fur so that when we hold them as adults the tendrils reach out and brush against our memories.

Enjoy this attempt at catching memories – its like grasping butterflies that dissolve into sand at first touch.


Ps. – If you’d like to send me some inspiration, post a photo you have taken of a special child in your life – just being a kid. In the next few days I will sketch the photos posted on my fan page and choose some to become subjects for paintings

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Day 11: Just Like A Child – Moment in the Spotlight

100 Paintings 100 Days

Laura Tetrault - Moment in the SpotlightI’ve never attempted to paint the human blur that is my oldest daughter. She is ALWAYS in motion, always looking for a stage to get up on. She is energy and drama and never dull.

Sometimes it can be a little exhausting – but that is only because I don’t have her energy!

So in this painting where new things are colliding (painting children and painting family) I wanted to express the randomness that my daughter acts out of, her energy, her movement and the star quality she sees when she looks herself in the mirror.

Children are different – their bodies have different proportions – especially the face. Hopefully I portrayed a little girl and not a small woman – if you know what I mean.